Thursday, April 21, 2011

“Regret is insight that comes a day too late”

I thought you should know that I've finally made up my mind, and realized that I made the wrong decision. In fact, I don't think I could make a more wrong decision if I tried.
If you love someone, why can't that be enough? Why can't things just be perfect? Or, rather, why can't I let them be.
Nothing was really THAT wrong. Everything was perfectly fixable, but now I've gone and made it completely unrepairable, completely. You made it very clear, no more chances. And I can't blame you for that, at all. You did what you had to to protect yourself. Were I in your place, I would've probably done the same.
I knew that, and gave up anyway. How could I?
We've both tried so hard, why couldn't I just see that?
I was mad at you because I care about you...That leaves a problem to be fixed if you ask me, but no...apparently I was too stubborn to realize that before it was too late.
Once I get it in my mind that there's a problem, even if there's not, I feel like there has to be one. And I hate that about myself. There was no problem...our biggest problem was that we cared too much and wanted to be together...doesn't sound too much like a problem now that I think about it. So why did I start an unnecessary fight? Completely unnecessary.
I know that none of this matters now, and that I don't get any more chances. I just thought you might like to know that I'm sorry for being so stupid and stubborn.
And that I love you.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Notice the *all-caps* title. That means its important, right? Well, pretty much all day it was like all I talked about.
Complaining to Kyle about a bajillion times about how much I HATE the dentist.
*All-caps* again. Lol.
And I'm pretty sure that I still do HATE the dentist. For the most part. I mean, who wants to sit in a chair holding their mouth open for an hour while some random dude sticks pokey things against your teeth?? Not anyone I know, that's for sure.
But my dentist dude moved to a new office! Its pretty in that place. (:
Anyway, I walked in with Mommy, still complaining about how much I HATE the dentist, and notice that he brought the mean receptionist lady from the other dentist place with him. Great.
So I sit in the waiting room with Mommy for like fifteen to twenty minutes watch some guy named Wolf Blitzer(that's such a freaking cool name!!) from CNN talk about the Stimulus Plan and Obama. And I have to do a report on it so I was half watching that, half texting, half looking at the dudes who walked in after us. ***Wait, three halfs?? lol. Oh well.
So I was only looking at the dudes, not staring, not watching. Just saying. They weren't at all cute anyway. But I noticed something, they both went in without their parents.
I was like hmmm, do I wanna do that?? No. Of course not. I still definitely need my Mommy on this one.
And I'm okay with that. I mean, its not like I need to have her holding my hand or anything, I just need her there.
So we finally go in to the room with the chair and funny tools and stuff. And i notice something hanging from the ceiling...A TV!!!!
Haha, it was playing some design show with some dude named Vern Yip (another freaking cool name.) But it was better than nothing. And then Mommy says something about Spongebob being on in the other room. I'm like "What?? Spongebob?! DUDE!!(:" So the hygenist lady (who totally reminded me of my english teacher) changed the channel to Nickelodeon and handed me a pair of headphones! I was like "Whoa. This might not be so bad."
And to be honest, it wasn't as bad as I had predicted. (Hmmm...I'll have to tell Kyle that he was right again once he gets off work.)
The worst part was the end. The dentist dude (I can't ever remember his name to save my life.) turned off my Spongebob:(
And he put the weird pictures of my teeth with cavities on them in place of Patrick and Squidward:(((
I had to cover my eyes dude. It was seriously really icky.
But other than that, everything was okay. Even the toothpaste wasn't as bad as usual. (Strawberry is yummy!)
So I have to go back on tuesday. But I don't think I'll complain a whole lot this time. I think I'll be fine. Sure I may be numb for a while, but I'll live.
So *props* to the dentist dude, the english teacher/hygenist lady, Kyle, and Mommy. And Spongebob(:

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What the blog???

yes...that is a line from Juno. lol.

Well, I started this blog bc my like whole family had one and I felt totally left out. goes:

The name is K. Chowski. I have a sister named D., and two pretty cool rents; Mommy and Daddy. (lol...I'm pretty sure I'll call them that forever.)

I'm actually pretty close with my rents for a teenage girl. idk why...but I find that kinda fascinating. I guess its bc like everyday I go to school and my friends are like my rents are horrible...they did such and such...and I really don't even remember having many of those stories.

Speaking of my friends...they're pretty freaking awesome. They are basically my life, just about everything that I do revolves around them. My absolute four bestest friends in the whole entire world are Melissa Rose, Kayla Bear Michelle, Tori Shay, and K. Chatty. I have like a bajillion more people I consider my bestest friends though. We have too many memories to list...I may write about some of them at one point or another though.

I think that's gonna be all for